Who are we ?

Neptune Overseas is a French Security Consultancy company (Simplified Corporation) created in 2012 and located in Lorient, Brittany , France.
Our company offers solutions to :
- Protect personnel, equipment, operations and technology on land and at sea
- Maintain and ensure continuity of business and production
- Preserve client image and reputation

Our team

Olivier de Gestas

After 18 years in the French Navy as Special Forces, military diver and unit instructor, I continued my professional path working for a security risk management agency. After 8 years I decided to take the lead at Neptune Overseas in order to make the most of my experiences by serving clients looking for security solutions related to international projects.

Phone: +33(0) 768 383 331
Email: dg@neptuneoverseas.org

Francis Monnerat
General Director

My career started in the French Navy and later in the Special Forces once created. After a fruitful military experience in these highly specialized units, I offered my work experience to industrial operating in high-risk areas for more than 14 years. I worked my way up to management positions with permanent intention to maintain close touch with operations. Today, as a Neptune Overseas co-founder, I intend to provide my expertise and experience to our clients.

Phone:+33(0) 675 339 203
Email: ops1@neptuneoverseas.org


Eric Phelipot

General Director

In 1978, I joined the French Navy Special Forces and served for 29 years. Afterward, I graduated with a Master's degree in risk engineering and decided to use my operational experience to assist companies working within high-risk areas. Today, as a Neptune Overseas co-founder, I want to share my security background and expertise with clients.

Phone :+33(0) 647 718 429
Email: ops2@neptuneoverseas.org


A pragmatic approach to security, based on our background of holding numerous high-responsibility positions, while remaining connected to the field.

  • In the French Army Forces:

    • Preparing and conducting special operations (French Navy Commando)
    • Protecting and defending strategic assets (signal centres, nuclear sites)
    • Offensive experience from in-depth vulnerability testing (vulnerability tests of sensitive sites)

  • In industrial companies and international groups:

    • Diversity of positions covering whole security sector (Consultant, Advisor, Supervisor)
    • Security Management System implementation, strategy and security concepts
    • Security operations management (onshore – offshore)
    • Issuance of security documents: security, crisis and evacuation plans
    • Dual competencies: combination of management and field experience
    • Creation and development of operational intelligence network


Our security strategy is based on 4 axes:

  • 1. Cultural (promoting Security DNA within Company staff)
  • 2. Organisational (diagrams, chain of responsibilities)
  • 3. Operational (using a virtuous circle for security concept through implementation of 10 principles)
  • 4. Structural (referential, training, drills, procedures, ..)

For each mission, developing a made-to-measure strategy taking into account:

  • Risk exposure (vulnerability)
  • Legal constraints
  • Cultural specificities
  • Security environment

Protection concept - virtuous circle using 10 principles for risk identification

1. Anticipate :
Continuous situation analysis, threat assessment and vulnerability measure for personnel & operations.

2. Prevent :
Set up security measures and tools to face foreseen or unforeseen situations. Develop Security culture.

3. Deter :
Discourage any malicious activity by visible high-level protection (procedures, powerful equipment, skilled and well trained personnel, etc.)

4. Detect :
Use of information provided by operating intelligence networks or technical detection system (drones, ...).

5. Alert :
Implement an operating communication system to quickly handle essential information received.

6. Protect :
Efficient Security measures to protect personnel, assets, operations and client image.

7. Delay :
Impede and discourage hostile movements while appropriate response measures are being taken in parallel.

8. Respond :
React promptly to security events (incidents – accidents). Adapt security layout to the evolution of the situation.

9. Control :
Regular check to detect weakness and malfunctioning.

10. Adjust :
Implementation of security counter-measures to rectify failures, gaps, malfunction, and inadequacy.


In the fields of :

    • International Groups (Petrochemical, mining sites, construction, transport, maritime,
    bank, insurance, services, luxury, ...)
    • Various places of tourist interest , Historic and cultural sites
    • Port facilities (ISPS compliance)
    • Any other company operating worldwide in high-risk areas (projects, pre-projects)

Risk management and prevention

  • Security audits
  • Assessment and security analysis onshore, offshore and for port facilities
  • TRVA (Threat Risk and Vulnerability Assessment)
  • Hotline activation (24/7)

Creation of Security strategies

  • Implementation of Security Management System (Corporate level)
  • Issuance of Security documents (plans, procedures, guides, ...)
  • Cost analysis (security CAPEX / OPEX)
  • Security monitoring tools (KPI - Key Performance Indicators)

International Ship and Port facility Security (ISPS)

  • For all ships, ports or port facilities: assessment, audit, security plan
  • Issuance of documents related to maritime security and ISPS Code: PFSA, PFSP; PSA, PSP, SSA, SSP)

(ISPS: international code for port & ship security)

Consulting & Operations Management

  • Deployment of security consultants at different levels
  • Advice & assistance (security layout set-up & monitoring)
  • Operations management (onshore – offshore)
  • Preparation for projects

Personnel Training

  • Risk awareness for expatriates
    • Introduction to general security
    • Introduction to country-specific security
    • Introduction to confidentiality
  • Crisis management training
  • Crises simulations (kidnapping)
  • Anti-piracy training in compliance with STCW standards (crew)

Crisis Management

  • Assistance in crises
  • Set-up and advice for crisis cells (Country & Corporate)
  • Operational Logistic support planned & conducted by air, by sea
  • Situation analysis
  • Decision support

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Don’t hesitate to ask for information or a quote by email or phone / Neptune Overseas is at your disposal and ready to respond to any request.


+33 (0)768 383 331
+33 (0)675 339 203
+33 (0)647 718 429

Head Office / Address

Office :
Centre d'affaires Pen Men - 2, rue de l'industrie
56100 Lorient - France (sur rendez-vous)

Working hours

24h/24 - 7 jours / 7


For more than 10 years, with over 230 clients, PEGASUS LEADERSHIP has shared its expertise of « crisis and exceptional situation management », acquired from a long experience in the French Navy special forces, giving us a background and set of values that we share with Neptune Overseas.

Website : https://www.pegasus-leadership.com

RPAS PRO MANAGEMENT is a drone operator registered to French civil aviation. As a service provider specialized in the use of drones, RPAS PRO MANAGEMENT provides expertise in selecting the appropriate solution for clients to enhance services and optimize costs.
In a world shaken up and regularly destabilized by various crises, our clients seek security-integrated solutions in which the use of drones has more and more importance. This is the reason connected with RPAS PRO MANAGEMENT , with whom we share essential values and strong experience in Special Forces units.

Website : http://rpaspromanagement.fr/accueil/